A little more about Growth Partners

Businesses choose to work with us because we are business people ourselves. We understand the myriad of challenges that businesses face every working day. We get to know you, your sector and your objectives – fusing that with our employee engagement products and services, we can help you to deliver increased productivity, performance and prosperity.

Foresight, flexibility and the right resources

It’s our people that helps to set us apart from our competition – people with the experience to not only bring ideas and solutions, but with the vision and determination to help you deliver the improved performance you want for your business. At Growth Partners, we work with you to create bespoke solutions that create long-term growth.


Employee engagement means competitive advantage – the force behind any good business is engaged employees. Through GrowthPro, our hassle-free employee engagement platform, we offer a range of discounted goods and services that have a real impact on people’s lives, which in turn means better engagement, retention and performance. When employees are fully engaged, they become your biggest asset, which is great news for your business.

Engaging properly with staff brings real business benefits:
– Absence is slashed by up to 50%
– Up to 40% less staff churn
– 18% higher productivity
– 24% higher customer loyalty (Engage For Success)

Our technology

The technology we develop and employ is constantly evolving. We innovate by developing cutting-edge technology, then integrate it into Growth Pro, our easy-to-use engagement app.

Through a collaborative approach using genuine innovation, we enable employers to drive engagement with their workforce, meaning we add value and provide much-needed solutions to every-day problems.

And we constantly liaise with partners and clients to understand what solutions they need – then deliver them through the high-end technology that is key to our future. By using the technology we develop specifically tailored to their needs, we not only help employers engage with employees, but help them maximise productivity as a result.

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    40,000+ employees already use our services – we’d love to hear from you.

      Contact Form

      40,000+ employees already use our services – we’d love to hear from you.