Wellbeing schemes and the perks of showing employees that you care

You don’t need to break the bank to make a difference.

Whether it’s your company budget, or the question of time – for a business owner whose spending is limited in either, a decent wellbeing scheme can be a cost-effective way of ironing out many work-related issues. In particular, how to…

  • reduce employee absenteeism
  • improve long-term employee retention
  • raise day-to-day staff performance

the purpose of a wellbeing scheme is to check all the boxes.

Question, did you know that employees who work for a company with a wellbeing scheme are twice as likely to believe their employer genuinely cares for their welfare? And the benefits of this are obvious. Research by BMG (surveying 1,000 UK employees) finds that this small consideration of care boosts performance by 31%! It’s a field that’s received much research, especially as workplace dynamics have evolved and employees are expecting more from the companies they work for.

So, how can Growth Partners help your business?

It’s our belief that the greatest tool a business has is its people; that’s why our wellbeing scheme is a collection of handpicked resources designed to enhance engagement, and overall workforce performance. Not only does it benefit your existing team, but stands as a great attraction to potential recruits who will be interested, beyond salary, in what care schemes are incorporated into their offer of employment.

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

Our Emotional Counsellors are trained to handle the range of personal issues that may be troubling your employees. A qualified listener, and sound advice can be the difference between a day wasted, and a day well recovered – and more simply, it’s useful for your employees to know that their place of work will not turn them away when it comes to compassion. Our Counsellors work around-the-clock, are confidential, and are here to offer practical coping strategies no matter the cause.

Online GP

Our GP service is available 24/7, and will be available to all of your employees (as well as their immediate families). It’s a common complaint – whether the phone lines are engaged, or the waiting room is crowded, the current GP experience can be a cause of frustration, and the cause of extended time off. Our service resolves this, directly contributing to lower absenteeism rates. We guarantee GP availability within 3 hours maximum, a private Facetime/Skype or phone consultation, and an inclusive Prescription Delivery service.

Occupational Health

Within every place of work there is the possibility of an accident or damage to an employee’s health – that is why it’s important, and legal, to line your firm with the correct measures. Our market-leading OH helpline is there to serve all your firm’s H&S needs, giving your management team an invaluable crutch of support and your business the assurance that the legal H&S standards are being met.

Fitness & Nutritional Hub

Not every business can offer their employees a corporate on-site gym, it’s nice – but a bit much. What is more feasible however, is a hub of industry experts and practical guidance for your staff to maintain a healthy lifestyle independently. We offer a platform of regularly updated F&N advice, online health assessments, workout resources, fantastic gym membership discounts on a nationwide scale, and much more.


– Growth Partners team