Introducing… us. Hi, from the Growth Partners team 🙂

If you were to ask us what we’re all about, the answer would be simple: we expand the growth potential of SME businesses. How? By improving the HR systems that affect the people working within them.

Essentially, we are an Employee Engagement company. We provide our clients with expert-level HR services such as:

  • payroll & pensions management
  • recruitment support
  • employment law & tribunal representation
  • occupational health assistance

As well as handling a share of the HR & Administrative workload, our main goal is to refurbish the workplace with a positive, can-do attitude. We believe that the greatest tool a business has is the people working to keep it going – that’s why we devise long-term and tailormade tactics for top-level engagement, ultimately working to make the office environment a pleasure.

As employees, we spend on average half of our waking hours wrapped up in our jobs – so, on top of that, if the time is spent being wound up, or fed up, the positive contributions being made towards our work are sure to rapidly decline and our abilities end up instead, coiled in stress. Not only does the employee suffer, but so does the business – and it is our mission to keep both in good shape.

Our Employee Engagement scheme includes a bespoke platform of services that grants employees access to a whole bundle of benefits. All inclusive, and brought together on one web-based (and mobile accessible) app, we provide:

  • a 24/7 online GP service
  • fitness & nutritional experts
  • emotional counsellors & wellbeing scheme
  • exclusive discounts available at 1000s of UK retailers
  • plus a whole host of extras available on our e-Shop

With our professional support and solutions-oriented approach, we believe we can truly help SMEs develop both the growth of their business and employees. Already we are delighted by the giant leaps made by our wonderful clients and are highly motivated to continue on the onwards and upwards!


– Growth Partners team