A look back at one year of working from home [Infographic]

A look back at one year of working from home [Infographic] 1284 720 Growth Partners

March 17 marks exactly one year since we turned off the lights at our offices in Leicester’s Colton Square and set up our workstations at home.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the UK in March 2020, our priority was to protect staff and client services. With our roots firmly based in developing the latest technology, we knew we had the tools to continue to deliver from anywhere and provide a seamless service to our clients.

Paul Bresnihan, Group Chief Executive Officer, said:

“It’s been a tough time for everyone, and we have taken some time to reflect on what’s been an unprecedented year.

We, like all businesses, have learned a lot from this crisis, and I am truly thankful to all our staff who have each played their part.”

The infographic below takes a look back at some of the positives we have taken while working from home for a year during the pandemic.

A reflection on the positives since working remotely:

  • 90,000 pay documents uploaded each month for clients through our payroll and pension services
  • 50,000 employees now using our platforms to access their pay, pension, discounts and physical and emotional wellbeing services through our EAP
  • 489 portals upgraded for our clients
  • Customer service satisfaction levels increased by 4% to 93% during this time, which evidences the seamless transition to remote working
  • Refocused our business with a new identity, website and app and realigned our people strategy
  • Continued engagement with employees despite the distance with 1937 virtual team meet ups and four employee engagement events
  • Mindful of the impact on our employees, we carried out 100 wellbeing sessions and arranged 20 pick-me-ups in the post
  • Through continued communication throughout the business, we celebrated a proposal, eight house moves and welcomed two babies and four new pets to the team
  • Working remotely, we adapted our learning, embracing more social and informal learning techniques

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SMART employment

How SMART Employment is Changing the Game for UK Businesses

How SMART Employment is Changing the Game for UK Businesses 1500 770 Growth Partners

Some companies have it so easy. Engaged employees, high retention rates, increased productivity and most importantly, increased profitability.

You may look at them enviously, wondering how exactly is it that they achieve this outstanding balance without breaking their bank accounts? But what if we told you it was one of the easiest solutions you could make in your business. By becoming a SMART employer, you yourself could become the company you aspire to be.

Having everything in one place, easily accessible and efficient for all those employed.

But what is this SMART employment model that is benefitting so many? And how can you become a part of it? What is it?

What is the SMART Employment model?

SMART Employment has been around for a while, you just haven’t noticed it. Unlike traditional HR outsourcing companies, SMART Employment takes an aggregated approach to business support, handling all HR and employee-focused functions such as PayrollBenefitsRecruitment and more.

Essentially it takes away all the laborious admin tasks that are related to the basic HR functions, combines it with some amazing employee benefit tools, to make a one-source function that employers can use to improve their overall company strategy. Employers will have more time, money and energy to focus on their employees, making sure they are getting the best out of them whilst ensuring a good work-life balance.

Why it works

Would you rather pay a bunch of separate costs for different services, that may or may not work together, or where one is more engaging than the other – and you still do admin work just to get them all organised for your employees to use? Or would you rather pay one cost, for one platform where all the services are already integrated and work in harmony?

The latter is why the SMART Employment model works so effectively. We aggregate all services so it’s one easy fee for multiple services.

It’s been found that employees who are more engaged are 27% more likely to demonstrate ‘excellent’ performance. This work ethic will then directly affect your profitability in a positive way.

So why wouldn’t you get involved in SMART Employment? It’s the obvious answer to many decision makers’ problems and will improve overall productivity and performance in the business in the long run.

Why our portal is the best

Being one of the leading providers of SMART Employment, we can confidently say that we have everything running on a tight ship and know what we’re talking about. We provide our clients with a single sign-on app where the employees can access everything wherever and whenever they want to.

On the app, you can get access to;

As well as this, employers will also be provided with HR Support including occupational health, legal advice and support on recruitment.

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