To keep a customer on board demands as much skill as to win one.

No matter your consultancy type, be it HR, Insurance, or other, you’re undoubtedly going to have competitors that deliver a similar service offering to you. Giving your firm that edge, Growth Pro stands as white-labelled, bespoke Employee Engagement platform tried and tested for optimising client satisfaction.

Bringing Growth Pro on board means:

A bespoke web and mobile-friendly app customised to your branding spec, with no mention of us.

A practical solution to impress and retain your existing clients by providing a proactive answer to their other business-related challenges.

Give your firm the competitive advantage by expanding your service offering, building a more attractive portfolio.

At little to no added cost, we supply you with all the tools you and your clients need. We customise Growth Pro for you, handle customer enquiries and platform maintenance, deliver on-site demonstrations and provide marketing & sales support for you to generate leads.

SMART Employment with Benefits for your Clients

SMART Employment is at the core of our business model, and offers businesses (your clients) a practical solution towards raising the standard of their personnel-related activities. Ultimately, it’s an arrangement designed to free up a client’s HR & Administrative workload.

In a nutshell, our team takes the more time-consuming duties off your client’s hands, things like Payroll, Pensions, Occupational Health and so forth. Not only that, but beyond unburdening their administrative must-dos, we offer multiple inclusive benefits to enhance their employment practices and increase growth potential.

Services we can offer you