We’re proud to be ISO27001 certified

We’re proud to be ISO27001 certified

We’re proud to be ISO27001 certified 2560 1630 Growth Partners

We have been awarded ISO27001 certification, an internationally recognised standard for information security. By achieving ISO27001, our customers can be reassured their information is protected and handled in strict accordance with the best practice standard.

Paul Bresnihan, our Group CEO, said: “When looking for a provider to manage HR services such as payroll, pensions, benefits, wellbeing and employee engagement services, information security is a key factor to consider. Our customers share their employee data with us, and we take this very seriously.”

We’re going from strength to strength. A dozen new clients have been secured in the last two months alone – providing an all-in-one solution for the organisations’ payroll, pensions, benefits, wellbeing, and employee engagement services.

Paul continued, “When we embarked on the journey to ISO accreditation, it was a promise to our customers, and we’re proud to now be fully ISO27001 certified. This is a big step forward for us on our mission to make employers’ and employees’ lives easier, happier and healthier”

What is ISO 27001?

ISO27001 is a framework of standards to help organisations establish, implement, operate, monitor, maintain, and continually improve an information security management system.

Did you know the current maximum penalty for mishandling of information under UK law is £17.5 million or 4% annual global turnover, whichever is greater? 

Cybersecurity has never been more important. Ensuring information security controls are designed, implemented, and regularly updated with the latest industry guidance also helps to minimise the chance of threat actors compromising systems or ransoming data.

Four examples of how ISO27001 certification provides reassurance for our customers

ISO certification is a sign of quality and is recognised internationally, so you know we’re working at the highest level and adhering to best practice

  1.  Meeting ISO27001 standards we are a company with values centered around reliability, partnership, trust, and innovation
  2. By investing in ISO27001 standards, we are investing in our staff to ensure they have the right tools and training to deliver the best services to our customers.
  3. By choosing an employee engagement provider with ISO27001, you will know our staff are experts in their field
  4. We have invested significant funds to start, go through, and complete the ISO27001 accreditation so you can be assured how much we value information security and client confidentiality.

Employee engagement solutions

Running a business isn’t easy, and the mounting compliance and administrative demands make it tricky to experience growth. We help free business owners from the burden of day-to-day administrative processes and compliance so they can focus on their business and their people. Contact the team at Growth Partners today to find out more about our all-in-one solution for payroll, pensions, benefits, wellbeing, and employee engagement services.