Occupational health – important for employees, vital for business

You benefit by making the health of your employees our business

Occupational health is an area of increasing importance in the modern workplace.  Every one of us, no matter what we do for a living, has risk associated with their place of work.  That might mean accidents in the workplace, employees with health issues, advice on sickness policies or health and safety.

Managing absence

The Office for National Statistics estimates that businesses lose almost a whole week for every one of their workers during the year. The majority of illnesses are minor and physical, though more than one in ten suffers from mental health problems.

As a responsible employer, you will want to demonstrate your support to your employees for the good of your business to ensure high levels of morale are maintained. Our team of occupational health experts can help by minimising the risks within your workplace. Through our Instant Access Advice Line, you’ll have unlimited access to occupational health.

Support for your employees

Whatever the need – advice on absence management, physical health issues, mental health support, counselling, drug and alcohol testing or immunisations and vaccinations, we have an established bank of specialists who can answer your questions which in turn means you can be confident your obligations as a business are being met 365 days a year. 

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