24 hour access to the always-on-duty Online GP

Access to expert medical advice is something we all value in our daily lives. But it’s not always easy to talk to someone when you need it most.

Our Online GP service changes all that, providing employees with a 24/7 NHS-registered doctor. Employees see it as an attractive proposition – an always-on-duty medic ready to see them at any time of the day or night, even when they’re at work.

And businesses love it because it helps cut absence from work, improves morale in the office and therefore ultimately helps your staff perform better.

Fast, simple booking system – no wasted time booking an appointment

With a maximum waiting time of three hours, booking an appointment with a qualified GP couldn’t be quicker or easier, as you organise the time to be seen in seconds from your mobile device or computer. And with video consultation (at home or at work), employees don’t have to book annual leave to see the GP. All you need is access to the internet, and you and the medical specialists can begin to put things right.

No more queuing for your medication

Which puts employees’ interests first through online consultations and examinations, up-to-date advice and health news, signposting to other relevant care services or online tools which might be able to help you further. And if you need a prescription, we’ll arrange for that to be delivered too.

It’s always good to talk

As the modern worker often faces stressful situations, it’s good to know you can talk through your problems and receive a sympathetic hearing, as well as pragmatic help. With employees seeing the benefits that such a service can have on their health, it translates positively to the business too, giving employers the productivity they’re looking for through competitive advantage and a motivated workforce.

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    40,000+ employees already use our services – we’d love to hear from you.

      Contact Form

      40,000+ employees already use our services – we’d love to hear from you.