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When it comes to recognising a job well done, a simple thank you goes a long way – but outside of just a case-by-case basis, a decent employee benefits scheme can make a real difference for companies wanting to show their employees appreciation.

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If used properly, we’re essentially offering an additional £1,200 to each annual salary (without the expense of a company wide pay rise). It’s the average amount each employee could save through our iBenefits hub, we provide…

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employee benefits

of adults stated that their company’s employee benefits package highly factors into their decision to remain with their employer.



of employees who reviewed their work perks as above satisfactory also ranked high up in overall job satisfaction.



of employees surveyed, whose companies provided work perks, stated feeling their perks raised the quality of their lifestyle.


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Why are employee benefits important?

Offering employee benefits sends out the right message that you, as the employer, are not only interested in your staff’s work output but also their health, wellbeing and future happiness. A decent employee benefits package contributes highly to staff retention, with a recent survey reporting that 60% of employees rated their company’s benefits package as a key job perk.

Introducing an employee benefits scheme, or upgrading your existing one if it’s not scoring highly amongst your team, will ultimately boost your company’s bottom line. The stats don’t lie, having healthier and happier employees leads to increased job performance alongside higher loyalty and attendance.