Employees work for you, but do your
processes & procedures work for them?

Our HR & Admin support service offers just that – proactive, reliable, and affordable administrative support in all things HR.

We know that the corporate administrative workload can be large for any firm, no matter the size, and in particular the area of HR can be a tricky one.


Because it covers such a broad scope; full of legal loops and must-do compliance checks, it’s an area of internal business so tightly intertwined with the law.

True, it’s difficult to hire just one person to handle it all, and if poorly managed the fines are not friendly. That’s where Growth Partners can help your business, kitting you out with a dedicated team at a fraction of the price.


of employers say skill shortage is negatively affecting productivity, employee satisfaction and turnover.



in average costs per year, for employers facing tribunals brought on by unhappy employees.

British Chamber of Commerce


more than half of a manager or business owner’s time is spent, on average, on HR & Admin duties.

Harvard Business Review

You could be in the midst of a huge recruitment drive or simply looking for that one star candidate for that one new vacancy; no matter the scale of the recruitment job at hand, the complexity of the skill set needed for the vacant role or the desired timeframe to fill it, Growth Partners are ready to find the right talent for you.

Essentially – we source, you decide.

It could not be any simpler, and for you – more than just the typical tide and then eventual trickle of chance CVs that gather in the usual job sites – our extensive reach and candidate network finds you the cream of the crop.

What we do for you

Whatever your crisis, small or major, our legal team is ready to help.

We offer clear, straightforward advice on all matters employee-related from the T&Cs of employment contracts to staff redundancies, from leave entitlements to tricky grievances. In all instances our team will prioritise a strategic solution agreeable to you either via phone consultation, written correspondence or through site visits as requested.

On standby 24 hours a day, a resolution in your time of need is simply a phone call away.

What we do for you

No matter the business type, within every place of work there is the possibility of an accident or damage to an employee’s health – that is why it’s important, and legal, to line your firm with the correct measures.

Occupational Health experts essentially assist with HR, keeping your employees well (and safe) at work. In the UK alone, over 170 million days are lost to sickness absence each year, and research shows that the longer people are off sick, the less likely they are to make a successful return to your business.

Available to support all your firm’s health & safety needs, whether it be: Absence Management, Physical & Mental Health Support and Surveillance, Immunisations & Vaccinations, Drug/Alcohol testing, and more – our trusty hub of OH specialists offer a market-leading helpline to give your management team an invaluable crutch of support, and your business the assurance that the legal H&S standards are being met.

What we do for you