Keeping employee finances, today’s and every day after, safe and secure.

A must-have for all employees and a must-do for any employer, we make sure that your company’s Payroll & Pensions provision is run to the highest standard.

First off, we assign your business a specialist team, offering to handle the full extent of your Payroll & ePayslip distribution process, as well as set up each staff member with a bespoke pension plan.

Alternatively, if you’ve already got your process covered, but are looking to save money whilst improving its efficiency – we’ll devise an arrangement where our team simply supports the system (and staff) you have in place, enhancing the process, increasing how well your existing practices work.


of businesses report offering a decent pension scheme improves their ability to recruit, and has a significant impact on retention rates.



of employees over 55 believe their employers should be doing more to guarantee their financial stability in retirement.



of companies outsourcing business tasks report an active interest in further innovative processes to expand outsourcing workload.


Making sure each employee is paid is one of the chief responsibilities of any employer. But there’s more to it than just that.

Not entirely a scary task, but when you think of all the HMRC rules and regulations that come into play – and not to mention the dos and don’ts of GDPR – there’s actually plenty to be considered.

What we do is take the task of payroll off of your hands. Think of us as an unburdening service. We can handle fully, or simply support your existing payroll process using our e-payslip distribution software and team of payroll specialists to keep your operation well managed. Any queries your staff might have, or for financial guidance, they can come to us where our friendly team will be at hand to help.

What we do for you

In order to provide workforces with the top pension schemes, we’ve teamed up with the award-winning FCA-regulated TAM Asset Management. With auto-enrolment being the law, it’s important for employers to have access to the right information, and employees access to the wide range of schemes that are out there.

A history spanning over 80 years, TAM have built a remarkable name for themselves offering customers first-rate pension plans and a variety of investment funds to choose from (including Ethical and Sharia compliant funds). No matter the industry or type of employment, together with TAM we make workplace pensions easy; for both employer and employee, we uncomplicate the process of putting money by, providing personalised support and a quality scheme you can rely on.

What we do for you