Tuesday 4th June 2019

The Simple Solution to Engaged Employees

Happy employees, happy business. Right?

But what exactly creates happy employees?

Businesses need to think about not only the mental wellbeing of their employees, but the physical aspect too. Both making sure work-life balance is good, reducing stress, and that their employees regularly get involved in activities that get their heart rate racing.

We’ve noticed this at Growth Partners and have tailored our GrowthPro portal to highlight and tackle these topics. By having access to the app, employees get gym discounts, free health assessments, nutritional guides, an online GP and 24/7 counselling.

By recognising our own employees, we know that these key topics are the ones that are spoken about and the ones that are on an employees’ wish list when it comes to selecting what company to work for. We know it works, so we want to share this platform with our clients so that it will work for them just as well.

By letting us take over the hassle of the more time-consuming functions (payroll and pension), you can focus on the ‘fun’ aspects of running and growing your business. By utilising SMART Employment, you will have more time to treat your employees like human beings through looking after their physical and mental health.

And the ultimate bonus of happy employees?

They will be a lot more productive and invested in your company, allowing for faster growth and the opportunity to being one of the leading businesses in your industry.