Growth, opportunity and competitive advantage

Businesses work with us because we make them more successful, and those organisations we work with are instrumental in helping us deliver.

There are four distinct ways in which we work with others:

  • Clients
  • Specialist Partners
  • Product or Technical suppliers
  • Introducer Agents

Though each relationship is different, we bring the same to all of them – growth opportunity and competitive advantage.


Our clients are businesses that want to grow and stand out from the competition. They wish to benefit directly from the wide range of high quality, innovative products and services that we deliver via our comprehensive consultative process, which identifies the appropriate and affordable solution for their particular challenges and opportunities.

Specialist Partners

Our Specialist Partners are experts in their respective fields. They focus on a small number of key areas in support of the Growth Partners broader products and services offer, that clients buy from us.

They may concentrate only on payroll provision or wellbeing support, maybe only benefits and rewards or training and recruitment, but their single minded and deep understanding of their particular area delivers high quality skill and unrivalled expertise that Growth Partners can bring together to form a tailored solution perfect for your organisation. This helps our clients to have the best mix of what’s available but through one easy-to-manage single point of contact.

Technical Suppliers

The services we provide require cutting edge software and technical know-how. The innovation of our product and technical suppliers allows us to add the required technology to our operating platforms.

These suppliers work with us to assess the customer insight we gather, so that they can develop ground-breaking ways for us to bring the very best benefits to businesses and their employees.

From payroll systems to High Street discounts to wellbeing apps, we team up with some of the best suppliers in the market, to ensure we are delivering the very latest technology and innovation to our clients.

Introducer Agents

The Introducer Agents we work with are themselves already working with or developing relationships with growth hungry businesses, but in fields that are completely different to our own.

By collaborating together for mutual benefit, we are able to offer an even wider range of support to a larger group of clients and prospects that both parties may not ordinarily do.

We operate an Introducer scheme that is easy to use and can benefit our agents financially as well as through mutual client benefit.

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    40,000+ employees already use our services – we’d love to hear from you.

      Contact Form

      40,000+ employees already use our services – we’d love to hear from you.