Thursday 11th July 2019

Workplace Culture: Why you should care if your employees don’t


In the age of social media, increasingly it seems that both employees and customers look beyond just the product or service on offer, and consider the bigger picture…

  • What does your company stand for?
  • Does your way of doing business reflect that?

Now, more than ever, ethos is under spotlight and under this light, making the effort to build a positive working culture is key. If not only for the sake of providing a sound environment for your team, but for the knock-on effect that working culture has on your company’s image and potential.

Put by Simon Sinek:

“Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.”

Your employees are the heart and soul of your business, in corporate terms: your greatest asset. Their opinion of your company translates into every contribution they give to the working day; how they sell your stuff, care for your customers, market your message. That’s why it’s vital you give them the means to shine.

So, what steps to take…


How might a company build a better workplace?

You could literally refurb. A quick fix, spruce up the office with a few licks of paint, some swanky desks, a staffroom vending machine – all nice. Or, and what we believe is far more effective, you can simply revisit the policies that govern your employees’ day-to-day, the level of care they receive.

From Guardian’s 2018 report:

55% of workers who feel their employer cares about their wellbeing want to stay at their company for 10 years or more vs. 33% who don’t believe their company cares.

It goes without saying, an employee who cares about a job’s staying potential cares too about the company’s enduring success.

Undoubtedly, what underpins any committed workforce is a diverse and proactive company culture that uplifts and makes the full term of their shift an enjoyably productive one. The GrowthPro platform that we offer gives our clients tremendous support in doing just that.

We help businesses to grow by giving them the tools to build happier and healthier workspaces that support and develop their teams.

To do this, we give clients access to a market-leading suite, including:


And for employers, we are the go-to for everything HR, be it a request for general advice or an actual dedicated team to unburden a chunk of duties. The main ones:


In a way, a little pitch about what we’re all about, but also it’s our way of offering a unique solution to a key business concern: how can I build a company that my employees love as much as I do, and how can we, as a team, turn this passion into company success?