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February 2023


Employees spread kindness to celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week

Employees spread kindness to celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week 2000 1500 Growth Partners

The Random Acts of Kindness foundation is committed to changing the world with kindness and we’re committed to playing our part. National Random Acts of Kindness week took place 12-18 February this year, inspiring people across the world to be kind at home, work and school.

Our employees ‘paid it forward’ taking time out of their working weeks to carry out random selfless acts to help spread some kindness.

Our operations team hit the streets of Leicester city centre with warm sausage rolls for people who are homeless, while the payroll team stocked up on non-perishables donating them to Trussell Trust food bank. Other employees invested time visiting elderly relatives and some of the team took time out to surprise loved ones with a coffee, a takeaway, and even a pet of their dog.


Our Executive Business and People Manager, Katie Taylor said:

“The team really got behind the campaign this year and did a great job of spreading kindness. We promote a culture of kindness in the workplace and we champion the idea of succeeding by looking out for each other. The array of random acts says so much about our employees – we’re really proud to have a fantastic team with kindness at the heart.”

Taking time out to make others smile has a positive impact on the people giving too. Being kind is scientifically proven to stimulate the production of serotonin – the feel-good chemical that heals wounds, helps us feel calm, and makes us happy. A win-win.

To read more about Random Acts of Kindness Foundation visit the foundation’s website and make your pledge!