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June 2023

Growth Partners support package

New support package launched

New support package launched 800 600 Growth Partners

We’ve launched a new support package to help businesses access support payments and tailored employee engagement advice.

We’re on a mission to make both employers’ and their employees’ lives easier, happier, and healthier and our new support package aims to provide what businesses really need in the current environment.

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New support package – what’s included?

The new support package includes the following benefits for businesses:

  • A support payment per employee to invest in your business.
  • A dedicated employee engagement manager to work with leadership team and staff as an extra pair of hands.
  • Free ongoing employee engagement consultation to help businesses develop or improve their attraction and retention strategy.
Support payments 

The package includes payments of up to £4 per employee, per week. Businesses can invest their support payment as they see fit.

The support payments are designed to provide financial assistance to help you navigate challenges and stimulate growth. The payment is made per employee, so the more employees you have the larger the payment.

Some clients to already benefit have used the additional income to add life protection to the list of benefits they provide for their employees, and some have used it to fund more regular off-site team-building exercises to help address retention concerns.

>> Example case: A client with 300 employees is currently benefitting £16,200 per annum in additional income.

Dedicated employee engagement manager 

As part of our new support package, we’ll give you a dedicated employee engagement manager to help drive your employee engagement activities.

We’re a payroll provider and so much more… making sure your employees are paid correctly and on time is a huge part of employee engagement – but work is about much more than their pay.  Your dedicated employee engagement manager will help ensure your employees are aware of, and can access all the benefits available to them.

Improving employee engagement is essential when you’re looking to retain talented employees, enhance customer satisfaction, and ensure operational efficiencies.

Employee engagement ongoing consultation

We also provide free employee engagement consultations to help improve your employees’ level of engagement, motivation, and satisfaction.

We can take on the often-time-consuming task of analysing and understanding the current state of employee engagement within your organisation, to help identify areas for improvement, and develop a strategy to enhance engagement. We can provide surveys, or help facilitate focus groups, interviews, and data analysis to gather information about your employees’ attitudes, perceptions, and experiences. We can also help assess factors such as communication, leadership, organisational culture, work-life balance, career development opportunities, and recognition and rewards systems.

Based on the findings, we can work with you on an action plan to enhance employee engagement. The ultimate goal is to create a positive work environment that fosters employee satisfaction, commitment, productivity, and overall organisational success – so you can attract and retain great talent.


Why have we launched the package? 

We are a payroll provider and so much more… we provide an end-to-end service for payroll, pensions, and employee engagement; for businesses this means reduced costs, reduced risks, and increased productivity, and for their employees it means access to their pay, pension, and employee benefits all in one place – so they have everything they need to be happy and healthy at work.

But if employers don’t have the cash or time to invest in their employee engagement services, the employee benefits can go to waste.

Interested in finding out more?

If you’d like to be sent more information about the support package and an idea of the support payments you could receive, you can request more information here.

Our payroll cost-saving calculator is designed to give you a free, no-obligation quote to help you understand how our fees compare to other costs you’ve been quoted elsewhere, or what you currently pay for similar services. Our new support package is factored in too – so the calculation is a true reflection of how we can help improve your bottom line and generate additional income for your business while supporting you to attract and retain great staff.

If you’re looking to outsource your payroll or switch your outsourced payroll you can get a no-obligation quote here or get in touch with our experts for a demo of our services.