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December 2023


Big-hearted fundraising team donate more than 200kg of food to food bank charity 

Big-hearted fundraising team donate more than 200kg of food to food bank charity  2560 1920 Growth Partners

Caring staff have dug deep during a year-long effort to ensure those less fortunate than themselves don’t go without a meal.

Each year Leicester-based payroll provider Growth Partners asks staff to nominate a charity to be the beneficiary of its fundraising efforts. During 2023 staff chose to support The Trussell Trust – the UK’s leading anti-poverty charity which expects to hand out over a million food parcels this winter alone.

Katie Taylor, Group HR Manager at Growth Partners said:

It really does highlight the challenges faced by many people across the country – not just the homeless, but also many working families who are facing hardship during times of economic challenge.

“We pride ourselves on being a good employer, ensuring our staff are supported through all life’s challenges, and encourage support of those less fortunate too.”

Katie added: 

“We’ve been supporting The Trussell Trust since January, and our team has since donated over 200kgs of food – to put this into context 200kg is the equivalent of a large upright piano or a medium-sized motorbike! It’s an impressive amount with all our staff across the UK throwing themselves into a range of fundraising events including a steps challenge, a cake decorating contest and a charity picnic.

Our mission is to make peoples’ lives easier, happier, and healthier so supporting a charity campaigning to end the need for food banks, was a perfect fit for us.  We’re really proud of what the team has achieved and are delighted that it will help support the fabulous work of The Trussell Trust, which makes such a difference to the lives of so many.”


The Trussel Trust is working to stop hunger UK hunger and poverty. It is a charity supporting a nationwide network of more than 1,300 food banks, providing emergency food and support to people facing hardship.

Growth Partner’s head office is in Colton Square, Leicester but employs staff across the UK who have all been supporting the work of The Trussell Trust. All donations were used to buy essential items needed by food banks such as tinned vegetables, tinned meat, long-life juice and milk, coffee, and puddings which staff dropped off at the regional distribution centre where volunteers sort and redistribute donations to food banks.

Bruce Harrison from Leicester South Food Bank said:

“Staff at Growth Partners have really encouraged us with their efforts throughout the year to raise money and collect food items. They have shown what it means to have corporate social responsibility and to ensure that they allow work time to let staff show how much they really care about the community in which they work and operate. We are just the gateway to enable others to see change happen through the generous and dedicated support of companies and individuals.  Thank you so much and wishing you all a very happy Christmas.”

With a record 2.5 million emergency food parcels given to people in crisis in the past year alone, Trussell Trust is campaigning for change to end the need for food banks in the UK.  You can download their latest research into hunger and destitution here. For a list of food banks and how to donate find out more here.


Research suggests bosses no longer understand employee needs

Research suggests bosses no longer understand employee needs 1920 1280 Growth Partners

The cost-of-living crisis and soaring inflation can significantly impact an individual’s financial stability and lead to increased stress levels. Recent research from Speakers’ Corner however reveals business leaders aren’t recognising the impact of the current economic climate on their employees’ stress levels. It isn’t intentional – they’re misinformed about the causes of stress among their employees, believing they directly align with their own.

According to the business owners surveyed, they believe the top five leading causes of stress for employees are:

  1. Heavy workload
  2. Long hours
  3. Tight deadlines
  4. Job security
  5. Changes to job role

When in fact, the top five leading causes of stresses for employees according to research by Unum are:

  1. Managing financially throughout the cost-of-living crisis
  2. Work-life balance
  3. Dealing with debt/mortgage interest rate rises
  4. Mental health concerns
  5. General health concerns

Business leaders are clearly interested in supporting their employees, with 92% of respondents currently providing support for their employees’ wellbeing. The problem is they are providing solutions for the wrong challenges. With 60% of employees finding that managing financially with the cost-of-living crisis is one of their biggest concerns, there is a clear need for financial wellbeing support.

What’s the impact?

Employers who don’t acknowledge the impact the cost-of-living crisis is having on employees, are likely to struggle with employee retention. The cost-of-living crisis is expected to spark the ‘Great Resignation’ of 2023, with nearly a fifth of the UK workforce (19%) planning to look for new jobs this year with higher salaries or better employee benefits in light of the rising cost-of-living, stagnant wages and increasing financial insecurity (Unum, 2023).

Our CEO of employee services recently highlighted the importance of understanding the financial pressures employees are facing and how as business leaders you can support them to ease that pressure through the ongoing cost of living crisis.

“It’s actually about creating a framework whereby people know that you understand what’s going on and the impact it’s having on people in the wider society and your employees and the impact it has on them. They need to feel that you understand”.

Though managers, especially those in senior positions, may not feel the direct effects of the cost of living and inflation in the same way as their employees they need to be aware of the impact on their employees and take proactive steps to support them. By doing so, they can improve employee morale, productivity, and overall job satisfaction, which can positively impact the business as a whole.

Want to know more?

Read more about the benefits of financial wellbeing services or download our free guide to retaining and attracting staff.

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