In 2019, why is HR becoming increasingly popular to outsource?

Of all the departments within a business, HR is arguably the most widespread. Essential to developing a company’s core strategy, as well as handling the whole spiel of employee-centric admin, it’s a department that’s key to the success of the bottom line.

Being so important then, why is it that these days it seems more and more a firm’s HR is outsourced? Wouldn’t it be wiser, safer even, to keep it in-house?

For SMEs in particular, there are many advantages to outsourcing, such as:

  • Lower costs
  • Access to expert insight
  • Relaxation in pressures
  • Legal security and assurance
  • Improved innovation

As a whole, let’s be honest, HR can be a tricky area – with all the legal loops and disputes that are common within its day-to-day, it’s an area that can be costly if managed poorly. Employment laws are ever-changing, employee rights expanding, and it’s the responsibility of the employer to keep track of it all.

Because the scope of HR is broad, it’s difficult to hire just one person to handle it all – and for SMEs whose budgets may be more restrictive than larger firms, hiring a whole crew to do it is perhaps not feasible. That’s why outsourcing has grown, and at Growth Partners we offer you the expertise of a whole team at a fraction of the cost.

If you’re in need of help in recruitment, payroll, pensions, employee counselling, you name it – we’ve been working hard to get together a fantastic support team. Here’s a brief intro into a handful of the key HR services we offer.


From taxations to leave regulations (sick pay, maternity leave, shared parental leave, retirement ages and more); it’s not surprising that payroll policies vary from employee to employee, and managing the calculations whilst keeping tabs on the ever-changing government regulations can often feel like a hassle. What we offer is an accurate, time-saving solution through our leading software provider. We fully support SMEs at all points of their payroll process, minimising the risk of mistakes, HMRC fines and ensuring GDPR compliance is met. For employees, our web-based app allows them to securely access their payslips online, keep track of all past payments and download digital copies for safekeeping.


As part of the government’s Automatic Enrolment initiative, it’s compulsory for both employers and employees to contribute towards workplace pensions. Not only do our Pensions Experts offer attractive schemes that are suited to each employee’s individual needs, they also de-stress the pensions process. We’ve teamed up with the award-winning TAM Asset Management whose long-standing background within the field and fantastic customer service continuously wins excellent feedback, putting your employee’s futures in safe hands.

Strategic HR & Recruitment

Within a smaller workforce, a person’s job role is more likely to cover a wider range than say in a large firm, where each person is tasked with a tighter area of responsibility. It makes sense, less people means a higher share of the responsibility pie. Because of this, when someone leaves an SME, it often creates a larger gap to fill and opens a potential threat to the company’s profitability. This is where we come in, giving you a trusty team of highly skilled, well-connected recruiters to put before you a great pick of candidates to fill the vacancy promptly.


– Growth Partners team