Tuesday 5th February 2019

Wellbeing schemes, the perfect add-on to keep your clients happy.

Above typical work perks, when it comes to building strong client relationships, wellbeing schemes have been increasingly on the rise.


Simply put, a decent wellbeing policy is good company practice. No matter the industry they belong to, employees are expecting more from the companies they work for; in fact recent research carried out by EBRI found that as high as 78% of employees marked the company’s benefits package as “extremely important” in their call to take the job or not. Only one example of many, of increasing demand, and so it comes as no surprise that employers across the UK are on the hunt for schemes that have a proven track record in improving workforce performance.

The 9-5 is naturally stressful; on an occasional basis, it’s unavoidable – but if you’re a consultant with a set of corporate clients, being able to provide them with a company-wide perks package that’s specifically designed to relieve work stress and related sickness can make a huge difference to the productivity of their businesses. Our Introducer scheme is designed to provide you, the consultant, with this add-on option, and stands as an inexpensive, hassle-free expansion of your existing service offering.

More than just conduct codes, our wellbeing scheme is a collaboration of real experts who, tailored to your clients’ needs, offer practical assistance for all staff members. And what’s more, wellbeing is just one slice of the pie. Our full range extends through multiple HR & Workforce Development services – even better, it’s all packaged into a white-labelled platform so that it may be offered to your clients in the style of your own branding.


So, why is our wellbeing scheme so popular for consultants, just as much as for the businesses they’re intended to benefit?

Because in one easy sweep your service offering has multiplied. At little to no added cost to you, you get to offer your clients a hub of HR experts branded completely to your company colours that will enhance their workforce’s wellbeing, and company HR compliance, at no extra workload to their existing staff.

Ultimately, a win-win.