Save time and money with our award-winning workplace pension schemes

Using external experts to focus on handling your business’s non-core activities makes complete sense, which is why outsourcing pensions is a WIN for you and a WIN for your employees.

It allows you to focus on your company’s core activity and to drive growth. It allows your employees to receive a pension that’s right for them.

Let us find the perfect partner for your pensions support.

Investing for the future

The innovative way we deliver pensions keeps your costs low because you don’t have to incur the time and money involved in running the schemes, while your employees get the best possible outcome for their retirement.

Auto enrolment has put pressure on businesses to provide a workplace pension – so getting it right is vital.

Working with our established and trusted partners, we can guide you through the pensions minefield and be at your side every step of the way.

Personalised, tailored pension schemes

Our partners are here to provide personalised, tailored pension schemes – from telling your employees about the scheme at the outset through to administration, documentation, on-going management and handling any enquiries.

And we only work with the best. Our partners, FCA-regulated TAM Asset Management, are award-winning specialists in their field, established more than 80 years ago and lauded for the innovative and transparent nature of their services.

Simple, online access to our GrowthPro platform

Via our user-friendly GrowthPro platform, employees can see how their pension is performing, meaning they can view all their assets in one place, 24/7. And because you are assigned a dedicated pensions consultant too, they’ll get regular updates from their Pensions Fund Manager.
Our experts are across all of the latest regulations, products and services in the pensions industry, including ethical and Sharia-compliant funds.

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