Good health IS good business.

Whether it’s your company budget or the question of time, for a business owner whose spending is limited in either, a decent wellbeing scheme can be a cost-effective way of ironing out many work-related issues, such as:

  • Reducing employee absenteeism
  • Improving long-term employee retention
  • Raising day-to-day staff performance

What’s the greatest tool a business has? Its people, no doubt, and in order for your people to feel better, and perform better, Growth Partners effectively helps companies create the ultimate working environment.

Our wellbeing scheme is a collection of handpicked resources designed to enhance engagement; not only does it benefit your existing team, but stands as a great attraction to potential recruits who will be interested, beyond salary, in what care schemes are incorporated into their offer of employment.


is the average labour turnover (covering: resignations, redundancies, dismissals and retirements), reaching a five-year high.



of employees have called in sick claiming a physical illness, when in reality it’s a mental health issue.



of employees say that their organisation has a wellbeing strategy, as far as they’re aware.


It’s a common complaint – whether the phone lines are engaged, or the waiting room is crowded, the current GP experience can be the cause of a lot of frustration, and extended time off. For managers looking for an effective way to reduce sickness leave and improve their staff’s access to qualified healthcare, our online GP can be a real help.


Whether too ill to work, or in too much demand to take time off to rest, it’s important that we all have access to the right medical support. With an online GP, your staff will be connected (when requested) to a qualified GP via video or phone consultation either from the comfort of their home, or even right there at the office. All that’s needed is an internet signal, and a quiet space away for privacy.

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Did you know that when it comes to short-term absence, stress is the most common cause? Time off, simply for a “break” is sometimes seen as necessary for staff who are struggling to balance work with life’s other demands, but from an employer standpoint, obviously this is not ideal.

Beyond stress, there is a whole riel of mental hitches that might be troubling employees and their capacity to engage fully with their work.

Rather than allow job performance to spiral, our Emotional Counsellors are trained in all manners of mental health support – whether minor or major. So, even when it appears that work-life pressures are mounting, our coping strategies and around-the-clock support stocks your business with a qualified network of counsellors.

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Not every business can offer their employees a corporate on-site gym, it’s nice – but unrealistic. More feasible, and more readily achievable is a hub of fitness specialists trained to push your employees to better their personal health scores.

Some employees are pretty self-sufficient, and will already be committed to a regular routine, but for others, an extra nudge is all that’s needed.

What Growth Partners offers is an interactive Fitness & Wellbeing Hub to accommodate all fitness types, smartly set up into: Move, Munch, Money, Mind, to target all aspects of an individual’s health journey.

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No matter the business type, within every place of work there is the possibility of an accident or damage to an employee’s health – that is why it’s important, and legal, to line your firm with the correct measures.

Occupational Health experts essentially assist with HR, keeping your employees well (and safe) at work. In the UK alone, over 170 million days are lost to sickness absence each year, and research shows that the longer people are off sick, the less likely they are to make a successful return to your business.

Available to support all your firm’s health & safety needs, whether it be: Absence Management, Physical & Mental Health Support and Surveillance, Immunisations & Vaccinations, Drug/Alcohol testing, and more – our trusty hub of OH specialists offer a market-leading helpline to give your management team an invaluable crutch of support, and your business the assurance that the legal H&S standards are being met.

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