Wellbeing Services

Our Wellbeing services are tailored to meet your needs, these include Employee Benefits, Online GP, Emotional Counselling, Fitness and Nutrition and Occupational Health.

Employee Benefits

We have a wide range of employee benefits available through our iBenefits portal including vouchers and great cashback deals.

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Online GP

Our Online GP service not only benefits the employee, but the employer too with an always-on-duty medic ready to see them at any time of the day or night even when they’re at work.

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Emotional Counselling

Our Emotional Counselling service is there to help when employees need it most.  Our GrowthPro portal provides support to all your employees and their families too.

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Fitness & Nutrition

Healthy workers not only feel better, but also perform better too.  We believe all employees should be given every chance to stay fit and healthy and provide advice and support for your employees and their families to do just this.

Occupational Health

As a responsible employer you will want to demonstrate your support to your employees for the good of your business to ensure high levels of morale are maintained.  Our team of occupational health experts can help by minimising the risks within your workplace.  Through our Instant Access Advice Line you’ll have unlimited access to occupational health.

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