Wednesday 5th June 2019

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Why a decent Employee Engagement strategy is worth its salt


A bit of a mouthful, true. Employee engagement is a term that’s been knocking about since the nineties, but…

What does it really mean?

True, the UK labour market has changed. And because of this so has the ways workplaces tick. You know the saying “Work smarter, not harder”? Well that’s employee engagement in a nutshell, it’s the field looking into what it takes for an employee to perform well within their role.

And of course there are many factors that come into play.

From adequate training to managerial tact, office culture to decent healthcare, a solid employee engagement strategy works to shape up the quality of the overall employee experience. Putting time and money where it matters, it comes as no surprise that companies operating with high engagement are more likely to succeed.

It’s like investing in a car engine, keeping tabs on the motor. Employees are the driving force that keep a business running smoothly, or not, so being mindful of their needs is ultimately a smart move for businesses looking to go the distance.


So, why is Employee Engagement so important?

As “The Employee Engagement and Benefits report” published in The Times today has shown, it’s becoming increasingly challenging for leaders to balance what is good for their business with what is good for their staff.

As the labour market evolves once again, as a new generation of jobseekers graduate to continue filling out new roles, the needs and expectations alter also.

From today’s report, 94% of Millennials and 92% of Gen Xers are seeking out more than just a standard paycheck, stating that it’s the non-traditional benefits that make employers more attractive. Switching jobs with relative ease, top-tier candidates are asking employers to not only pay them a fair wage, but too, to provide a working environment that does not neglect their wellness and personal growth.

In recent years, employee engagement has received greater attention and investment as media outlets have brought mental health to the forefront. It’s a big figure, but no surprise that as high as 79% of men and 65% of women consider health and wellness in their employment decisions. Rather than downplay the impact mental health has on our ability to focus and perform, more and more useful research is centreing on ways to manage and/or overcome it.

A study by YouGov shows how just last year 74% of Brits felt so stressed that they’d had overwhelming episodes and been unable to cope. Stress and anxiety can hit the workplace hard, and making sure staff have access to legitimate support systems like Counselling and Online GPs can be of great service to both the individuals and the wider company.

Growth Partners works with businesses across the UK to revamp their employee engagement strategy. We offer the full circuit of services (from wellness, finance to rewards) that help employees not just get the job done, but done well. It’s true, business success stems from employees. They clock in the hours, driving your business forward through sales and promotion, so strategically speaking – it makes sense to invest in their ability to make the most impact, right?


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