How New Forest Hotels improved benefits to employees while also improving payroll efficiencies

How New Forest Hotels improved benefits to employees while also improving payroll efficiencies

How New Forest Hotels improved benefits to employees while also improving payroll efficiencies 1152 1152 Growth Partners

The New Forest collection is made up of hotels, restaurants, and a pub all in the heart of the New Forest providing visitors with access to the breathtaking location. Employing a large workforce from chefs to receptionists, they were looking for ways to attract the very best talent.

The hospitality industry has been impacted by the pandemic and has since faced a huge candidate shortage on top of rising supply costs and decreased demand due to the cost-of-living crisis.

“We were originally looking for a professional payroll company to help with the administration of processing payments to our staff, Growth Partners presented the My SMART-e app to us and we loved it. They provide an all-in-one solution so little did we know they were able to help us in other areas of the business too.”

We’re working with New Forest Hotels to:

1. Streamline payroll processing

Reducing the load on their finance team and relieving them from the burden of keeping on top of pension auto-enrolment for a large, changeable workforce.

2. Support employee financial, physical and emotional wellbeing

By giving their staff access to thousands of employee discounts plus confidential emotional and physical wellbeing benefits – all in the same place where they access their pay documents.


“Our payroll team had been processing payroll and pension auto-enrolments for many years with employees on varying contracts, we knew there was an easier, more efficient way to do it. Growth Partners took on the payroll responsibilities – and it was seamless. The transition was fantastic and the service, exceptional.

So, our employees can now access their pay and pension documents as well as a range of discounts (which has helped them financially in these uncertain times) plus an online GP, health checks and much more via their secure My SMART-e app. Our staff love it – it’s been really well received, and we see it as a huge benefit, not only to our current employees but when attracting additional staff too.”

Do you need help streamlining your payroll process or bringing services together all in one place?

We provide employers across all sectors with a cost-effective end-to-end service for payroll, pensions and employee engagement services. If your workforce could benefit from their pay, pension and employee benefits all in one place, book your no-obligation demo of My SMART-e here.

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