We’ve published new employee engagement research paper in partnership with insight experts KAM


We’ve published new employee engagement research paper in partnership with insight experts KAM

We’ve published new employee engagement research paper in partnership with insight experts KAM 1152 1152 Growth Partners

We’ve commissioned a research project with hospitality research consultancy, KAM to gain more insight into the state of employee engagement services in the hospitality sector and help identify a potential link with the continued rates of job vacancies.

149,000 vacancies in the hospitality sector at the end of 2022, that’s a lot – and businesses are not maximising every tool in their armoury to attract and retain staff, according to KAM. The study reveals that hospitality businesses are not effectively communicating what they already offer; 75% of employees couldn’t find information about employee benefits while researching their hospitality job. 20% said they only found out during their interview and 15% had to wait until after they’d started in the role.

Scott Read, our CEO of Employee Services says:

We’ve been keen to understand the relationship between the awareness and usage of employee engagement services and the number of vacancies in the hospitality sector. The research has really highlighted a potential problem – businesses may have employee benefits in place but if they’re not easy to access or communicated effectively, they’re not having an impact – potentially adding to the problem rather than helping to resolve it.

Katy Moses, MD at KAM said:

Hospitality businesses are absolutely missing a trick when it comes to attracting new employees with very few effectively communicating the level of employee benefits. So many companies offer phenomenal employee engagement services but very few are using this to attract potential candidates. Even current employees say they’re not made aware of what is available to them despite the clear impact they can have on staff retention.”

Key findings from the research include: 

  • 76% of people said employee engagement services meant they have stayed in a hospitality role longer

  • 83% of people said the offer of a specific health and wellbeing benefit contributed to them deciding to switch jobs

  • 95% of employees wanted to be made aware of any employee engagement services prior to making a decision to join a company

  • 77% of employees would use employee engagement services more if they were all in one place e.g. an app

The study also looks at happiness levels among current employees and found that 88% of people currently working in hospitality are happy in their role, this decreases to 78% for those working specifically in pubs and bars and is even lower for those working back-of-house (73%.)

→Download the full report here


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